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How we Operate

Global Property Services is a division of Global International Relocation, specialised in the real estate sector. We offer an integrated range of real estate services specially designed to meet the needs of expatriates and investors who want to buy, sell or rent properties in Portugal.

We deliver customers excellent results, since we combine know-how with solutions tailored to the requirements of each client.

The Global International Relocation team, with a combined experience of over 30 years in the professional mobility sector, offers the largest integrated services  delivering excellence and solutions to customers at an unbeatable cost.

Commitment, dedication, know-how and the ability to deliver solutions at international level are just some of the reasons that motivate our customers to work with us.

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Our Team

Our real estate consultants in Portugal have detailed knowledge on the types of property as well as the specifics of any area in the country. Our international real estate advisors who are scattered throughout the world,  know what each place can offer, allowing us a truly international reach.

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Buying, Selling or Renting a Property in Portugal

If you intend to acquire a property in Portugal as a short, medium or long term investment, or you intend to just buy a new home, Global Property Services identifies investment opportunities in the residential market that best fit your needs and expectations.

Upon request, we provide a real estate investment plan including performance of market conditions, outlook and real investment opportunities.

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Non Habitual Residents

The new Portuguese non-habitual resident status was created for foreigners who wish to become residents or start a business in Portugal. This model of tax incentives has very attractive tax rates aimed at high earning professionals or those in the industry, entrepreneurs, investors and pensioners.

Global Property Services has partners with local offices in the UK, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, offering an integrated service and key in hand, taking care of all legal and procedural requirements required for a successful transfer of tax residence to Portugal.

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Pensioners enjoy full tax exemption in Portugal, if income has already been taxed in another country, under double taxation agreements or if it was earned in a third country.
Investments made in Portugal with capitals generated abroad are tax free if, in general, the income have already been taxed in the country of origin conforming to the double taxation agreement.
The income earned in Portugal by non-habitual residents, resulting from professional activities in the country, benefit from a flat rate of 20% tax, if the earning is related to services in Portugal:

  • Architects, engineers and related;
  • Visual artists, actors and musicians;
  • Auditors
  • Doctors and dentists, teachers and psychologists;
  • Professionals, Technicians and related
  • Senior positions
  • Investors, administrators and managers in specific investment conditions

Any individual who has not been resident for tax purposes in Portugal in the last five years, is eligible for this tax system over the next 10 years.

To obtain the tax status of non-habitual resident it is necessary to stay in Portugal for at least 183 days per year, or on the 31st December of each financial year to have accommodation such as to suggest that you live as a resident.

Personal income earned outside of Portugal may be exempt of tax for individuals, as long as the appropriate tax has been paid in another country with which Portugal has a Double Taxation Agreement or has actually been paid in another country with which there is no agreement.

Thanks to the double taxation agreements between Portugal and Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark,  Scandinavian pensioners benefit from tax savings in the following:

  • Norway – Skatt på alminnelig inntekt
  • Sweden – Den statliga inkomstskatten and den sarskilda inkomstskatten for utomlands bosatta
  • Denmark – Indkomstskatten til staten
  • Finland – Tulo- ja omaisuusvero

As a rule and in the case of private pensioners from Norway, Finland and Sweden (income of non-public and non-governmental sources) current standards allow the application of very low tax rates (both in Norway / Sweden and Portugal) to pension income paid to pensioners who want to live in Portugal.

Golden Visa

Since 2012 Portugal offers a special residence permit, known as “Golden Visa” to any foreign national who wishes to obtain a residence visa in the European Union (Schengen area) and who also wants to make a productive investment in the country.

Golden Visa is a residence permit which can only be obtained via three distinctive investments, one being investing in real estate to the minimum value of  € 500,000.00.

This type of visa is particularly interesting to non-European citizens who want to benefit from free movement within the European Union, without the need to actually stay in that territory (except for a minimum of either 7 consecutive days or 7 days within the  1st year and 14 days for the following 2 years).

Also, investing in Portugal’s real estate sector may be an excellent business opportunity.  The country has been through a tough economic and financial crisis that led to a substantial fall in the prices of real estate assets in prime locations which are expected to  increase in value in the medium term.

What’s more, Lisbon and Oporto, the main Portuguese cities, are attracting a growing number of tourists;  foreigners wishing to live in southern Europe and also international students.

The low cost of real estate, combined with the fact that the demand for houses for rent in prime areas is higher than the supply, offers foreign investors a good opportunity to obtain attractive returns and simultaneously invest in assets that have growth potential.

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